Dear blog,

I know I have been away for quite some time, you don’t know how busy I am. I am online now because I had to do a research on my EDUC1 subject, which I really love, but ended up logging in to CDOTAKU,MULTIPLY, FRIENDSTER and registering to BLOG-TO-PROFIT site-whatever. Sigh. Some things never change neh? Get your head in the game! I remember Shika telling me that. Haha. I miss her. If anybody reads this and knows my friend Shika, tell her I MISS HER TERRIBLY! For some reasons I miss her presence, i miss our hangouts at the XUNET, the canteen and our daily escapades. And Michi too! I miss our sort-of arguments, the times she misunderstoods me and I misunderstand her. The way our laughter fills the 4th floor of the CIT bldg. I just miss those days. But, I know, I’m not supposed to dwell on that anymore. This is my life now. But it doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on them. It’s just that the more I think about those times, the more I get distracted to where I am now.  Sometimes I get offended by some words a friend of mine tells me about me visiting XU, especially during the XU days. But it’s okay now, I didn’t really mind that. (oh really?! XD) Anyhow, I’m enjoying every minute that I spend in the music department though there are also issues there that irritates me. haha. But, I hope I won’t let it get me. XD

Anyway, here’s something my mom got for me. ^_^

My Japanese Girl Earrings! kawaii ne?

In case you can’t see it clearly, that’s a colored pink Japanese girl earrings. ^_^ Wee! I love it! ❤
We bought it @ Mag’s this morning. My mom saw it first and told me about it, hehe. So, I managed to convince her to buy it, after all, it’s her fault for showing it to me. XD  It even has a zori, a japanese slipper. See it? Kawaii deshou? ^_^ nyaa. Tee hehe..

My research is almost done, and my other Firefox window still doesn’t budge because of that .pdf file i opened. grr.  It’s okay. I’m almost out of here anyway. ^_^

This week’s gonna be fun! ~ T_T ~


this is a double post! XD


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