Busy days are happy days!

Yes. I’ve been really busy the past days. And I’ve been missing a lot of things. Huhu. Our practices for the concert has been taking a lot of my time. I’ve been going really late (im sure it would be much late this week). By the way, just for the record, our choral concert will be on December 9,2007, that’s a Sunday @ 6pm. Free admission. Hehe. We will be singing 16 songs, from Religious, Broadway, to Filipino and Christmas songs. I wish this will all be over. Huhu. I wanna go back to my normal school life!!! XD But, after that concert mentioned above, we will still be singing @ SM,@ the CDO Ampitheater and for the Misa De Gallo @ Balulang (i’m skipping this. >_<). So much singing engagements. Huhu.

Anyway, my former school celebrated XU days, and CDOTAKU, the anime online community I belong to has a booth, and I missed a lot! And I mean a lot! The tournament,the drawing contest and the cosplays! >_< Huhu. It's so sad. But I'm also happy in some ways. Unexpected turn of events. ^_^ Thanks…

And one more thing. I’M MOVING OUT! LJ leaves me no choice. huhu. I like it here, really. But… there are just a lot of restrictions and stuff. Huhu. But I like my avatars though. Gah. What am I gonna do? But one thing’s for certain, this’ll be my permanent link :


okay. so, there. anyway, despite the busy days i am happy. yep. though at times, it can’t be avoided, i have my mood swings but im happy. hehe. i’m just thankful for the people who are around me. huhu. you keep me going guys. and to you LORD, most of all. WE have a lot of catching up to do… don’t we?


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