random thoughts er- rants

it “was” unexpected too.
i am not in the mood to rant right now, no matter how i want to. haha.

and yes it’s happening.
but, well, who cares? haha. they really don’t.

humans are disgusting. i am human and i am too. haha!
you dare ask why? hmm. i still am compiling my thoughts on this one. hehe.
a lot of things are running in my head and i want to let it all out. but not now. let me rethink about it. hahaha. XD

mutualism also happens with humans. makes us no different from the animals. that is on the context that i am thinking. haha.

anybody wants to agree with me?!


4 thoughts on “random thoughts er- rants

  1. Anonymous

    i strongly disagree…we ARE different from animals.animals have mutualism by instinct. humans have this BY CHOICE.but i guess you've changed the way you think already,neh?


  2. Anonymous

    haha! that figures,no wonder…and what do you know about how the way i think? haha.you don't really care about that.


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