M.I.S.T.Y.: Mechanical Individual Skilled in Troubleshooting and Yelling

Mechanical Individual Skilled in Troubleshooting and Yelling

haha. that was funny! the troubleshooting part is totally not true, but the latter part, is just so true! haha. i am skilled in yelling. haha. i am a really loud person. a lot of people already told me that. XD but that doesn’t put the fact aside that i am also a silent person… inside. XD wahaha. very dramatic Misty, yes, go on.. lol. well but, before anything else, i am happy that i am here again, blabbering nonsense in my blog. haha. so.. anyway..

days passed by so quickly. it was just many months ago that i declared that this year is going to be different. haha. like every year is the same. lol. but yeah, i said i was going to be different and things will be different for me. but the question would be, what difference do i want to happen? yes, i should have answered that question.

so, so far, have things been really different? different from the usual me the past years? hm. how should i put this? it’s been very different. lol. okay, welcome to the department of redundancy department. ROFL.
seriously… i feel like a different person. haha. or am i just imagining? or what? lol. let’s just say, i went and ventured on that side of the road. so what did i find? hm. that i can’t tell. himitsu. lol.

so this is how it is.



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