just for a while.

It’s amazing how days pass us so fast.
I just wished it would end sooner. School, that is.
It’s not that I’m sick of school, or excited of working, i just want it to be over. Haha. Now that really didn’t make any sense.
Anyhow, I’ve been away for quite a while. I haven’t really cared much of going online for the past days, which is a miracle! Haha. Yeah. I don’t have anything much to do online anyway, except in checking my accounts, my mail, the latest manga chapter of Nodame Cantabile & Ouran, dowloading stuff and just looking at random sites. Sheesh. Ever since I’ve been in another “world” my life in the WIRED has been really boring. Yes! BORING. Sigh. Just don’t wanna rant over that. I just want to check if I am still alive in my blogging life. Haha! It looks like I am. But my thoughts aren’t that flowing now, unlike before. Oh really? Hah! Or maybe my thoughts are flowing, even overflowing yet, maybe, I can’t put it all here. I guess.
Actually, there is really something that’s bothering me right now. I don’t know. All I want is just to be numb about the whole thing. Yes! Just be numb. For once. And if that time comes, I guess I really don’t have any choice,ne? Yeah. As if I really did have a choice. Yes you did!  Oh really? How come I didn’t know that?! Sigh. This is what I’m good at. Talking to my self.  All my thoughts crashing into each other. Each one insisting, forcing, pleading,crying.

Peace is just not attainable right now.  I know.

No matter how I try to make things right, it just doesn’t work.

-left undone-


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