SOLOISTS SERIES, 2 down, just 2 more to go!

Yes! I’ve watched the first 2 pianist of the Soloists Series of Liceo De Cagayan University.

The first to perform was Mr. Reynaldo Reyes and that was last July 14,2007,and the 2nd is Mr. Raul Sunico’s performance. Of course at the Rodelsa Hall of the university. That was the first evening I watched a piano performance with my colleagues in music. I wondered how each one of us would react or something. Will each one be too critical or not. Well, I didn’t really much mind about that, my goal that evening was to listen to good music that Mr. Reyes would bring. By the way, his repertoire includes:

Preludes                                               Charles Valentin Alkan
2.Quite Slow
3.In The Ancient Style
4.Evening Prayer
5.Psalm 150
18.Teaching Piano

Preludes                                                 Frederick Chopin
In C major no.1
In G major no.3
In D flat major no.15
In B flat minor no.16

Preludes                                               Claude Debussy
La Puerta del vino

Polonaise in A flat major,op.53        Chopin
Polonaise in E major                          Franz Liszt

Etude no.1 (Like the Wind)                Alkan
Etude no.3 (No other Love)               Chopin
Etude no.12(Revolutionary)              Chopin
Etude no.3 (La Campanella)            Paganini-Liszt

BTW, a polonaise is is a rather slow dance of Polish origin, in 3/4 time. Its name is French for “Polish.” The notation alla polacca on a score indicates that the piece should be played with the rhythm and character of a polonaise (e.g., the rondo in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto op. 56 has this instruction). (wiki)
And an etude is a short musical composition designed to provide practice in a particular technical skill in the performance of a solo instrument. For example, Frédéric Chopin‘s etude Op. 25 No. 6 trains pianists to play rapid parallel chromatic thirds, Op. 25 No. 7 emphasizes the production of singing tone in a polyphonic melody, and Op. 25 No. 10 covers parallel octaves. (wiki)

I remembered one time in Nodame Cantabile, she played 1 etude by Chopin, and guess what, I was really excited, because I thought 1 of those etudes would be the same as what Nodame played in the Maradonna Piano Competion. Turns out none of them was the same as the etude she played. I discovered several days later it was Etude No.1. Mukiii~!!!

Hm. and actually, I wasn’t really familiar with the pieces he played (only that piece when he get to play Habanera on his left hand), so I can’t really tell something what a music critic would say. Instead, I payed much attention to his hands and his fingers. They were fast and moves so gracefully in the keys of the piano. I just got annoyed when a senpai of mine commented that some of the audience didn’t really understood the music that was played and they were only paying attention on how quick & flexible his hands were. And I just thought, “hey, that’s mean..i’m one of those.” >.<

For an old man to play like that, it must be really something. There must have been a lot of effort exerted to get to be a world-renowned  musician.

I don’t think it’s too late though. ^_^

(next update will be on Mr. Raul Sunico,stay tuned. lolz)


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