You raise me up.

The new song we’re practicing in chorus.  The arrangement is totally great. I’m just excited to hear everyone when every part’s polished. BTW, the arrangement was from the Ateneo Chamber Singers, well, for one thing, it was designed for them. Haha. Oh yeah.  Atenean blood runs in my veins. Well, that aside, Jastine ( fellow Music major) said that we have to practice real hard now. We have learned around 5 songs I guess, and we are going to perform that in our concert this December. Yayness! Haha. yeah. and it’s memorized. yeah. No looking at the pieces. Uguu~ T_T yeah. so we really need to double time.  So far, I remember, 3 songs. Usahay (the arrangement’s very lovely. haha, ^_^ the melody transfers from one voice to the other.),  If ever I Would Leave You  ( I so love this song. ) and now You Raise Me Up (I also love this song, though i am into Lena Park’s Jap Version. XD).  I don’t know if the other songs we’ve learned are included in the concert. Oh well.

And also, I still am on the process of practicing my Part Three of John Thompson. >_< Waa. How I wish I was in Part 7 already. XD Haha. Patience my child. Yeah. Geez.

Well, I guess that’s just it for now. I am a bit proud to say that this is my longest entry for now, well, eversince I’ve opened up this LJ account i still am not in my blogging mode. haha. i guess i’m back now. haha. ^_^

Got some inspiration. nya~ nya~

Sore ja. Ittekimasu~


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