Morning Sunset

Weird. I just feel so weird. Or rather the pain is making me feel weird.

They say I’m weird but I take that as a compliment. Yes, I’m weird. I’m weird in a special way. Haha. Well, expect something from a weird person now. 

Each day, I feel the struggle in me that’s constantly rising. A struggle to keep myself away from what I want to hold on to… yet must be let go of. Not just me, my emotions, my pride, my desires, my plans, my dreams but also the persons I treasure so much, the persons I want to stay beside me…always. Sounds so selfish neh? I guess that’s just how it is… Yet, I know in my mind and in my heart this is how it should be. But.. sigh.

I’m okay, it’s okay but I admit, it’s pretty painful. Some may think it would be easy to get over with since it was all wrong… But please… for now, I don’t need eyes to look at my faults, but eyes that would just look beyond me and help me get through with this.

Now, each day will be something new, yet, it feels like the day is already coming to an end just when it’s about to start. It’s like the morning comes with a sunset. Oh the irony of life. When will it end?

When oh when will I see the sunrise?


1 thought on “Morning Sunset

  1. Anonymous

    [“When oh when will I see the sunrise?”]That depends. Please please please, [sigh] never think of what might happen in the future but instead think of what things you can do for your future. God Bless. P.S. The title is ironic to “The Evening Sunrise!” (familiar?)


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