coping up.

Well, as I said, I am a young musician er- musician-to-be that is. I miss blogging. i haven’t blog for how many days, or weeks! Now that I’m not a computer science student i rarely go online, and that would include updating all my accounts. so, for now, my active accounts would just be, this, my lj account, my twitter account,multiply and the never dying friendster. sheesh.
anyway, im having a good time in school. yeah. we’re always singing. heh. my piano lessons are,well.. so,so. haha! but i am doing my best.

so, what else is new?


1 thought on “coping up.

  1. boting

    mitsuketa!!!.. hihih.. stalker mode din ako.. hahah 😀 you can run but you can't hide.. alam mo nah ang kasunod… hihih 😀 corny..


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