Day 11: My Favorite TV Shows

TRUTH: I am a fangirl. When I love a series, I LOVE IT. I obsess about it over a long period of time and it takes a while for me to get over it.

So here are some of the TV Shows that I STILL obsess about:


SMASH – This is my ultimate favorite series ever. EVER. Smash is an American musical drama TV series by NBC. It revolves around the Broadway world, where you can see how seasoned writers, composers, producers, and artists of all kinds give birth to a musical, which in this series is centered on Marilyn Monroe’s life. But later on in the second season, a new musical is introduced,  written and composed by a pair of young newcomers. There’s a whole lot more in stored for you in this series aside from the plot, you can look forward to the music, yes especially the music, the creativity and just the genius of the team who made it. Most of the cast are veteran Broadway performers, some are key people in the Broadway community playing as themselves! And oh my gosh, Katherine McPhee & Megan Hilty are sensational!  It’s really exciting and very, very inspiring.  I can’t express more my deep love and appreciation for this show. It’s brilliant. It’s definitely a must-watch!

SPOILER ALERT: Jeremy Jordan is there! <3


Firefly +  Serenity - Firefly was my gateway to scifi series. It’s not exactly full-on scifi, more like a mix of scifi and fantasy really.  There are only 14 episodes, and a follow-up movie called Serenity. It still  warms my heart each time I remember the Serenity(the name of the ship) crew. As you watch episode by episode, you will grow to love each of the characters. They were all such amazing bunch. *tear*

David Tennant on DW

Doctor Who – In a gist, yes. What David Tennant (10th Doctor)  said above. Doctor Who is another scifi fantasy series I got into since last year. It started slow for me and my boyfriend, and then later on we realized how addicting it was and just couldn’t stop watching. Packed with adventures, drama and life — oh so full of life. You just have to try watching it.


Castle -  As recommended by a friend, my boyfriend and I watched Castle to move on from Firefly + Serenity. ( T_T ) It stars Nathan Fillion as well, but his character there is so different from his character in Firefly. We immediately loved him and Stana Katic, who plays opposite him, and as his love interest. This is probably like your  typical detective/crime series, although not really, because it’s more fun and captivating — not just the plot, but the characters as well.


FRIENDS –  I will never, ever, get tired of this series.  This is my feel-good series to go to, starting a few years back. I actually downloaded all 10 seasons and marathon-ed it, and watched it over and over again. It’s just sad that the external drive where my copy was saved got corrupted. :( I’m contemplating whether to download it all again. Maybe I should.


Downton Abbey – The only British period drama that got me hooked. Everything about this series is just intense. But the characters are all so endearing, from the downstairs to the upstairs. Well actually, except for a few. Ah, everyone’s there in the picture above. So nice to see those lovely faces again. And yes, fair warning, Julian Fellowes, the creator of this series, also belongs to George RR Martin’s school of writing. Go figure.

Honorable Mentions

Barry Allen    Grant-Gustin-as-Barry-Allen-Cast-Promotional-Season-1-002

The Flash - Because Barry Allen is such a cutie. Haha. No, really, I’m serious. That’s why I started watching this. Look at that cutie. LOL. And Cisco is super dorky and adorable. Haha. But I hate Iris though. Ugh.


Gotham – Because James ‘Jim’ Gordon is such a BAMF! And Penguin, oh Penguin, you clever, clever boy! And E. Nigma, you are my adorable little nerd. UGH! I just love back-stories! The stories and the character developments of the villains of Gotham are very interesting, although few of them are probably not canon. Still, it’s so good! I’m so hooked. I can’t wait till everything unfolds.

(Also should be included here is BBC’s Sherlock, which I’m already too tired to add. I’ll just update this again later.)

Guilty Pleasure


True Blood - I know I shouldn’t even be including this here, but yeah, at some point, this series also got me hooked. Two reasons: 1.) REALLY GOOD cliffhangers every fucking episode 2.) Alexander Skarsgard (I love me some Viking lol).  Seriously though, I’m really not into very masculine men. He’s the ONLY exception. I mean, come on, just take look at that.

Alexander Skarsgard

So yeah, that ends my fangirling. Haha. Well I did warn you. Sort of. XD

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, as much as I did writing it!

What are your favorite TV shows? :D

On my down time and how I spent it.

After all of the events for the past weeks I am relieved to be taking some time off and just chill. Though I still went to work it’s not really that busy these days either.

So, lately I have just been scouring songs and videos of my favorite Broadway musical actor, Jeremy Jordan (Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde, West Side Story, The Last Five Years). If I’m lucky, I find really great songs written by such talented composers like Carner & Gregor, whom I have had the opportunity to exchange emails with when I inquired about a sheet music on one of their songs (Tie Me Up), which was performed by Jeremy Jordan and his wife Ashley.  The song is from their upcoming musical Island Song. The musical is actually very modern, basing on the music style that they used, and even more obvious with the setting of the musical. I am excited for the story, and I actually inquired if the book of the musical was available already, but unfortunately not yet. I look forward to it though! I’m just remembering what Derek Wills said in the second season of SMASH: “Musicals takes years to develop!”

Another song I discovered through Jeremy Jordan is Run Away With Me  written by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk. I haven’t looked them up and the rest of their works, but from this song, I know I already like them.

Another Broadway favorite of mine aside from Jeremy Jordan, is the lovely Laura Osnes. She played as Bonnie in the musical Bonnie and Clyde, opposite Jeremy Jordan. She has such an impressive and beautiful voice. I instantly became a fan. She also played Ella in the musical Cinderella, as the original Broadway cast.  One of the videos I watched of her was this song she did for Kooman and Dimond, another pair of talented composer. I love the song, and I wish I wrote it. I feel like this song is all of my feelings rolled into one.

Take a listen, and hopefully you will like it too.


Help me, it’s happening again.
I wake up gasping for air.
I’m reaching for something
That’s no longer there.

Dreaming of pathways back to then.
Knowing that it will never be.
And it’s suffocating me.
If I could just breathe,
All I need to do
Is simply exhale
And let go of you.

But I don’t dare breathe
Instead I sink down
I hold tight to you
And let myself drown.

Catch me, I’m sinking far too fast.
Pulled by a darkness deep inside
And I surrender to the tide.

If I could just breathe,
All I need to do
Is simply exhale
And let go of you.

But I don’t dare breathe
Instead I sink down
I hold tight to you
And let myself drown.

The scars fade away, and the bruises all heal.
I hang on to the hurt cause I can’t help but feel
The pain is the only proof that you were real.

Hold me, as I fall through the void.
Wrapped up in its empty embrace.
Alone with my memories,
And infinite space.
Dreams of something I destroyed.
Dreams that I know cannot come true.
Dreams of a lifetime with you.

If I can just breathe,
Then I can move on.
I’ll simply exhale
And you’ll be gone.

But I cannot breathe.
I’ll never let go.
The pain is the only thing I know…

Day 10: Something I’m afraid of

Dark things under the sea. Or just the darkness in general. Or the sea. Or all of the above.

Under The Sea

I am terrified of being underwater, be it in the sea or just any natural bodies of water. While I may also think it is such a beautiful thing (because fishes and coral reefs!), I  cannot  stop feeling afraid of what’s underneath me, or if there’s anything that’s going to come and get me. It seriously freaks me out in a very bad way, my mind starts running wild, I start panicking and well, I just lose complete control of myself, pretty much.

The same with being in the dark, alone. As far as I can remember I always sleep with the lights on. Sometimes my parents turn off my bedroom lights when I’ve already  fallen asleep. During those times, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I start freaking out because of the dark. Most of the time I try to keep my eyes tightly shut, afraid that if I open them I might see something in the dark. I also cover myself with the blanket, stay very still and just hope that I fall asleep fast. Those were horrible times for me.

Although now I am not as afraid of the dark, as long as I’m with someone. But I am hopeless when  it comes to ‘swimming’ or immersing myself in the sea, especially if it’s too deep for me. I am hoping that I will be less afraid when I learn how to swim, because I do love being in the beach and playing by the sea. I am just too terrified of going further in to the water.

I have missed a lot of things in life because of these fears.  I hope sooner or later I will be able to conquer them.



Of PechaKucha and UUD Anniversary

Okay, PechaKucha first!

First I heard about PechaKucha was when the first volume was done last July 31, 2014. After a few days I checked it out and got very interested.


Basically, PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.  The word PechaKucha is Japanese for the onomatopoeia of chitchat. These ‘chitchats’ could be about anything. This is a good way to encourage creatives or any people to talk about the things that they are passionate about, but with limited time, since if you let these kind of people talk, they can go on forever. I personally think this is such a genius idea.

Last week, I had the honor to give a presentation about the ukulele, with my colleague GJ. Who would have thought that a few months ago I just tweeted about making a presentation for the ukulele for my own pleasure,  but I actually really got to do the talk in front of students and fellow creatives! I was very happy, and scared at the same time because I have not interacted with this group. But it turned out great. I enjoyed doing our presentation and was even more delighted listening to the other presenters. Passionate people are inspirational.



Also, last Sunday we got to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of United Ukes of Dumaguete. This is the ukulele group I founded along with Toby and GJ. We started as a small group and eventually just grew throughout the year. It has been a great journey so far with everyone. I’m grateful for these individuals for their passion and love for the ukulele and music. I am looking forward to playing more music with them, and continuing to spread the love we have for the ukulele.

UUD 1st Anniversary




Day 9: Pictures of my Friends

One of the many things that I have always been grateful for are the extraordinary individuals that God has blessed me with—my friends. My mom have always remarked how much of a social butterfly I am. While that may be true before, I don’t think it holds true now. Because of some events that took place in my life, I have been cautious about trusting people again. But I am glad that there are still those that were worth the risk.

Me and my childhood bestfriend, Bianca

Me and my childhood bestfriend, Bianca. (2013)

Bianca and I go waaaay back. We’ve known each other since we were babies;  our parents are officemates and are also really good friends. Bianca, to put it simply, is my Diana Barry (and yes I am Anne Shirley). She is the kindest person I know, and has always been ridiculously supportive of me, like in all things. We’ve always been together, until I had to go to Dumaguete to pursue music. But one of the things I love about us is that no matter how long we haven’t seen each other, even with only minimal communication, once we reunite, it feels as though we never were separated. Distance has never been an issue with us. But now, I feel like our friendship is really about to be tested. Bianca just left  for Dubai last month and it’s her first time being away from her family and everyone. I’m actually feeling sad about it, but at the same time happy for her—happy that she finally chose to step out of her comfort zone. I miss her a lot more now, but I make it to a point to communicate with her now as often as I can. I asked her to get the app Snapchat and we’ve been having fun exchanging snaps. I miss her. :(

rainbow girls

My rainbow girls, shai shai (Havilah) and chami(Faith)! My closest high school friends. Despida night for shai shai. (2013)

These are my closest high school friends, Havilah and Faith. The three of us have gone through so much together, we practically know everything about each other. It was tough in the early years of our friendship; we would always have cold wars and petty quarrels. However, because of that, we learned  how to treat each other better and became closer. They’re both so precious to me. Havilah is in Panama now, since April 2013 and Faith came back to CDO also last 2013 after spending around 5 years working in Cebu. We keep in touch all the time, just checking on each other, talk about how our day went,  or just about any mundane things in our life. It’s always great talking and hanging with them, and I miss every bit of it. I’m excited to be reunited with them again.


Quintin and I. One of the very few close guy friends I kept. Photo credit: Quintin (his birthday last 2013)

Ah, this guy. I’ve talked about him on my day 3 entry, so I will try to keep this one short. Quintin or Boting as he is fondly called by friends and family (I love and adore his first name so I try to use it everytime) is one of the closest guy friends I’ve ever had. He knows me inside out, and is one of the very few that I would actually trust my life with. I could never put up a wall of false pretenses with him since he would just break it down, take the curled up shivering me, and sit me down and warm me up.  He doesn’t seem like it (or doesn’t even know it yet) but he has a kind and compassionate heart. He’s one of the special ones you don’t get to meet often. And when you do find one like him, keep them close to your heart. I did.


A solo picture of Stef, because we don’t have a picture together yet!

I actually just met Stef a few months ago and it’s amazing how we just clicked right there.

Here’s the story on how several events led me to meeting her:

The first time I noticed her was when I saw the wedding pictures of her and Jayson (an upperclassman when I was still in Xavier University taking up Computer Science) several years ago. And I thought, ‘Oh hey he got married! His wife’s really cute!’ It was just one of those passing moments in social media where I randomly stalk people. (YES HAHA). Fast forward to 2013 when I was in CDO, I got invited to Quintin’s birthday party, and there I got to meet Jayson (we were never introduced nor had any previous interaction) and saw my other former CS buddies.  When I gave Quintin his present, the book The Little Prince, Jayson noticed and asked if I was into books, and I told him I was. He continued to tell me about his wife and how she’s also really into books and said we would get along well in that area. I thought, ‘oh yeah, I remember her, cool’. Fast forward again to 2014, Quintin mentioned her in one of our conversations over the phone, she talked about meeting her and that she reminds him of me. I got really curious now, so I looked her up over Facebook (because that’s what I do lol), and I just added her there, and luckily enough she confirmed my request. Around that time she just created a Facebook page for her creative projects, and if I remember correctly I was the first one to like it (yay! haha. or if not the 3rd one? I forgot lol), and there I found her website and blog. I was fascinated and impressed with the work that she’s done. I always look up to passionate creatives who work hard for their goals and dreams. So on one of the entries in her blog I posted a simple comment, not really expecting to get a reply, but she replied! From there Stef and I just started talking and eventually, or rather finally, got connected!

 We have so much shared interests. It’s like each time we talk we discover new things that we have in common, and not only that, there are just many things that we relate with each other! It’s just mind-blowing for me. I have found my soul sister! Haha. Seriously though, Stef is one tough lady. She’s strong-willed and has a gentle heart. She’s terribly sweet too, and genuinely cares about the people and the things that matter to her. I think what really drew us together is our passion towards art and life, and she is one of the most passionate people I know.  And it’s always wonderful and inspiring to meet people like her, that’s why I’ve always been so thankful that I met her. Oh, and I’m also thankful that because of her I have been more motivated and consistent with my blogging! She has become my accountability partner, and collaborator of sort. So thank you so much Stef! :D


Jastine and I. A close friend I made for keeps from Lourdes College of Music. (2009)

Jastine was one of the few friends who was with me during my times of distraught, brought upon by my first relationship break up and first betrayal of friendship. She’s 4 years older than me and she has gone through so many things herself as well. She was always there for me with her sharp but caring words of comfort. She’s a gifted pianist—hardworking and determined to pursue her goals. Hopefully she will be having her graduation recital this March. I’m so happy and proud of her, despite all of the troubles she’s gone through as well, she finally made it. I only wish that I could be there to personally congratulate her.


My CDOTAKU Family. (2013)

Ah, these guys are the friends I made when I studied in Xavier University as a Computer Science student. It all started as an online anime community and eventually we all met up and just bonded overtime. A few of them I have considered very good friends. We still keep in touch, and whenever all of the other guys who are not in CDO anymore get to visit, we always make it to a point to meet up, and catch up.


Dumaguete Family during my 25th birthday last year. (2014)

My UUD Family

My  UUD (United Ukes of Dumaguete) Family

Lastly, these guys are my friends here in Dumaguete. Like my CDOTAKU family we have all bonded because of our common interests. I am not exactly really close to all of them but we have shared some moments that I would consider one of the wonderful things I experienced in life— and I have them to thank for it.

I have been so blessed with all of my friends, and in return I just hope that I have been a blessing even just a tiny bit, to them.

Day 8: A Place I’ve Traveled To

So far the only place that I’ve traveled to by my own choosing, and without my family (and their consent! *gulp* ) was in Siquijor last May 2010. I was with my friends (new ones), and my boyfriend Miguel. We were invited by our friend for the town fiesta there, and only stayed for 2 days.

Fun fact: Usually in the month of May, it’s fiesta almost everyday in Siquijor; in the different towns and municipalities.


This is how close Siquijor is to Dumaguete. We took the fast craft and the trip only took about 45 minutes or so. The fast craft docked in the Siquijor main port. The town that we went to was Lazi, about a 20-30 minute drive from the port.

We didn’t get to do much on our first day, except eat and go to the barrio disco  at the gymnasium in the evening.

The next day, our friend brought us to one of the tourist spots in Siquijor, the Cambugahay Falls.


It was nice, but I wasn’t really able to enjoy myself because I can’t swim.


Upon this rock, I trust my life. #cantswim Oh and that’s Stephy with me! :)

Okay, so here’s an interesting bit, behind the falls, there’s actually a small ledge where you can go and sit. Some of the guys went there and I thought it would be nice looking from behind the falls. I asked Miguel to bring me there, and he did, except he went directly through the falls instead of going around to the side. The falls as you can see isn’t that high, so the drop wasn’t that strong, again, except for someone who can’t swim or float. So there I was right under the falls, struggling with my dear life to ‘swim’ towards the ledge. Miguel was helping me, but it was just a lot harder since it’s fresh water so we were not that buoyant, and we were right under the falls. We were both struggling, and in that moment I thought I was going to drown and I thought about how I did not ask permission from my parents for that trip. I was so terrified, but then lo and behold a hand reached out for me and pulled me to the ledge. It was one of our friends. You could imagine my relief.

Me and Miguel.

Me and Miguel, about 2 months in, in our relationship.

Another place we went to is the Salagdoong Beach Resort, located in the town of Maria.



On the way there, we went through the Salagdoong Forest Reserve. These are Molave trees that line up the road. The pictures does not justify it but it felt magical going through there.

We arrived at the resort and took the cottage nearest the shore. The resort was under renovation that time. From what I heard and seen from friends who’s been there recently, it really looks great now.

Here are some pictures taken when we were there:

We found a starfish!

Jed, Maria and I found a huge starfish!


Here’s me and Miguel exploring the other side of the resort.



Over all my Siquijor experience was a good one.

I want to go back there this year, and hopefully I would be able to swim then and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

Day 7: Favorite Movies

I always find it a difficult question to answer everytime someone asks what my favorite things are. Be it food, color, clothes, series, movies, etc.  For this one, I chose top 3 for each film categories of my choosing, just to make it a little easier for me to pick which ones are my favorites.

Top 3 Animated Films

  1. Wolf Children
  2. Spirited Away
  3. Howl’s Moving Castle

Top 3 Musical Films

  1. Newsies
  2. Across The Universe
  3. The Last 5 Years

Top 3 Drama/Comedy/Romantic/Biopic Film

  1. Midnight in Paris
  2. Before Sunrise / Before Sunset / Before Midnight
  3. Van Gogh: Painted With Words

Honorable Mentions

  1. The Book of Life
  2. The Box Trolls